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Are You There Yet ?

At the Sport of Mind Institute, we use performance enhancement technology to propel our clients to the levels of success that are only limited by their imaginations.

We teach our clients to be the driving force in their own lives and master the mindsets for success. The principles for success work in any area—leadership, business, sports and relationships.

Is today the day you will choose to live your potential? Call us. Or make an appointment online now. We work with clients who want self-mastery in their personal game of life.



James Allen...
“Belief is the basis of all action, and this being so, the belief that dominates the heart or mind is shown in life.”

Roger Bannister,
a medical student, proved in 1954 that the human body can run a four-minute mile. Prior to Roger's achievement it was believed that human beings would never run that fast. Today's time to beat is 3 minutes, 43 seconds.

David Schwartz...
“The size of your success is determined by the size of
your belief.”